Thursday, August 27, 2015

Palm Special of the Day: Canary Island Date Palm

From August 27th 2015 to September 3rd 20th, we are offering special direct from the grower prices for our Canary Island Date Palms.

Adult Canary palms starting at only $2500.

Email us today for an estimate and pictures of our current available stock.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Palm Islands

Image credit
Aerial view of Palm Island in Dubai

Off the sandy coastline of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, are some one-of-a-kind islands. Artificial and manmade, these islands are shaped like palm trees, hence the name Palm Islands. Made from 12 million pounds of rock and over 53 million pounds of sand, these islands hold the record for being the largest manmade islands and can be seen from outer space.

Image credit: Tobias Karlhuber

This impressive archipelago was the vision of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and carried out by state-owned developer Nakheel Properties. The islands were thought up as way to deal with the decreasing oil revenue that resulted from depleted oil supplies. Despite having a projected fifteen year finish date, Palm Islands took only four years to finish.

The Palm Jumeirah is the only island that is open to the public and houses both commercial and residential real estate. The famous seven-star luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab is located on Jumeirah as well as other well-known tourist attractions like The Trunk and 16 Fronds.

The islands have generated millions for Nakheel, a cool $98 million in 2012. And it's because of this success that a proposal was made for a similar project to be constructed along the River Thames in London. The proposed two islands would house tourist attractions like opera houses, waterfront cafes and theaters and would be undertaken by the same firms involved with the Palm Islands in Dubai.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Palm Special of the Day: The Date Palm

Special Palm of the Day:
The Date Palm
(Phoenix dactylifera)

This palm produces dates when grown in hot-dry climates.

Date Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkThe broad gray trunk is patterned with leaf diamonds and is up to 16 inches in diameter.
ExposureBright sun
SoilNot particular about soil and will even grow in poor soils.
WaterAlthough a drought resistant desert plant, the date palm has deep roots that typically seek out subterranean water sources. Provide regular irrigation for best look and faster growth
Growth RateSlow growing reaching heights of 100 ft, may take 15 years to attain 10ft

Regular price: $2200
Special price: $1650*

*Sale price good until August 25th 2015

Add a Little Sweetness to Your Life With These Date Recipes

Growing throughout tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, the Phoenix dactylifera (date palm) is harvested for it's edible sweet fruit. Dates are oval-cylindrical in shape vary in color (red to bright yellow) depending on the type.

This traditional crop of the Middle East is rich in protein and fiber. Low in fat and a natural energy booster, dates have been shown to improve everything from bone health to a variety of intestinal disorders. With so many benefits, dates are a great addition to any diet! We've listed 5 recipes to get you on your way to incorporating these little nuggets of sweetness.

1. Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Dates  

                                                                 Photo credit: Seng An

A healthier alternative to the popular bacon-wrapped dates.

2. Coconut-Date Truffle Bites

                                          Photo credit: Randy Mayor

A yummy way to include two different palm fruits.

3. Roasted Cashew-Almond Yogurt Bowl With Stove-Top Matcha Green Tea Date Granola

                            Photo credit: Half Baked Harvest

I think we all just got a little healthier just reading the name of this all-natural snack.

4. Sticky Toffee Pudding

                                                                           Image credit: Pass the Sushi

Take a hop across the pond with this popular English dessert.

5. Sea Salt Date Coconut Ice Cream

                                                        Photo credit: Minimalist Baker

Combine sweet and salty with this perfect summer treat.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Benefits of Red Palm Oil

While coconut oil is all the rage right now for its health benefits, there is another oil that you might've been overlooking. Created from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis), red palm oil is a deep red color due to its high content of carotenes. These are the same antioxidants that give tomatoes their color.

For over 4,000 years, red palm oil has been consumed by those in parts of Africa and South America. And for good reasons too! It's not only great for the heart but also helpful with reducing the risk of a variety of diseases. Adding this healing oil to your diet has been shown to remove plaque build-up in the arteries which in turn may help protect against heart attacks and strokes. It can also help maintain proper blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.

Red palm oil can also protect against other diseases such as:
  • cataracts
  • arthritis 
  • osteoporosis
  • liver disease
  • neurological degeneration (can help prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

As if those weren't good enough reasons for you to give red palm oil a try, then how about adding metabolism booster to that list. Fats like margarine and other vegetable oils tend to take a long time to break down for energy whereas red palm oil goes straight to the liver and boosts the metabolism.

So where can you buy this liquid red gold? Well, you can buy red palm oil at just about any local health food store. Just be sure to look for brands that produce the oil sustainably.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Special Palm of the Day: Sago Palm

Special Palm of the Day is the Sago Palm
(Cycas revoluta)

Sago Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkTall trunk on old specimens, 8-10in diameter; more fern-like when small; produces offsets at base
ExposureFull sun or part shade
SoilPrepared, not tolerant of alkaline soils, good drainage
WaterRegular, although drought tolerant once established
Growth Rate10ft, frond spread 3-6ft; extremely slow growth

36-inch box
Regular price: $850
Sale price: $450*

*Special price good until August 21st 2015

10 DYI Succulent Planters

With water conservation trends on the rise, succulents make the perfect addition to any home and garden. They are also good for those forgetful gardeners (sometimes we just want to come home to our Netflix!) because they thrive on little care and maintenance.

Below are ten easy DYI ways you can brighten your home with these miniature works of art. Credit to the talented crafters and instructions are linked below each picture.

1. Vintage Containers

A thrifty way to add a little vintage chic to any home.

2. Toy Planter

A perfect planter for a kid's room or for one with whimsical taste.

3. Succulent Wine Cork Planters

Looking for way to make use of those Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck wine corks? Look no further!

4. Mini Brass Planter

Give off a geometric vibe with this miniature planter of cuteness.

5. Mismatching Brass Planters

Keep up with the brass theme by incorporating these tiny planters into your decorating scheme.

6. Dip Dye Planters

A super easy DYI that can be easily customized to match the color theme of your home.

7. Teacup Planter

This delicate planter will make you want to brew up a cup of Earl Grey.

8. Terracota and Rope

Nautical ropes and hot pink rocks? Yes, please.

9. Shell-Potted Plants

Bring the beach to you with these shell planters. It's nature inside nature. So meta!

10. Bell Cups

These dainty bell cups painted in pastel will add a bit of shabby chic to any room.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Palm Special of The Day: Canary Island Date Palm

Today's Palm Special of The Day is the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

Canary Island Date Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkSingle, wide heavy trunk with characteristic leaf diamonds on the trunk. dark brown. 
ExposureFull sun, wind, heat, aridity and cold
SoilTolerant of most well drained soils.
WaterLow water needs.
Growth RateModerate growth rate, 60' in height, 30 - 50' spread.

Regular price: $750
Sale price: $500*

*Sale price good until the August 20th 2015

Another Drought-Tolerant Tree: The Canary Date Palm

Looking for a way to add a feel of luxury and exoticness to your home? Well, look no further because the Canary Island date palms are your palms for creating that tropical experience no matter how far from a beach your domicile may be. Just lounging under the shade of one of these beauties can instantly make you feel like you've been transported to some remote paradise off the equator.

Although there are some Canary Island date palms that have been recorded at a dizzying height of 131ft (40m), they typically range from 33 to 66 feet (10-20m) in height. While these palms are best suited for growing in large spaces, due to their slow growth rate they can be planted in more modest-sized yards (10ft/33m in 15 years). Its leaves can grow up to 8-15ft (2-4m) and contains up to 200 v-shaped leaflets which taper off to sharp spines at the end. The palm produces vibrant orange flower stalks (3ft/1m in length) that bear orange fruit that contains a large seed. While the fruit is edible it is usually not recommended to eat due to the fibrous pulp.

These palms are drought-tolerant and can handle a variety of soil conditions although sandy and loamy soils are preferred. Canary palms grow best in warm climates but are known to tolerate colder temperatures (no less than 20F).

Thinking about adding a Canary Island date palm to your landscape? Email us today for an estimate!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Palm Special of The Day: Pindo/Jelly Palm

Today's Palm Special of The Day is the Pindo/Jelly Palm 
(Butia capitata)

An exotic addition to any landscape, this palm is drought-friendly and can grow in either full or partial sun. It also produces a yummy edible fruit that tastes like a mix of apricot and apple.

Pindo/Jelly Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkNo crownshaft, Gray with leaf diamonds, 18 inches in diameter
ExposureFull sun to light shade
SoilWell drained
WaterLittle to moderate water
Growth RateModerate growth rate, 10' - 20' in height with 12' spread

36-inch box Jelly palm
Regular price: $850
Sale price: $500*

*special price good until August 19th 2015

Email us with your order today!

Drought Tolerant Palms: The Jelly Palm at the Gregory Palm Farms!

5th-generation Gregory Palms farmer enjoys the shade of the Pindo palm (aka the Jelly palm).

With mandatory drought restrictions being imposed throughout California, many are finding they are needing to cut back on more than just their shower times and car washes. Emergency regulations passed by the State Water Resources Control Board in 2014, has made excessive water use punishable up to a fine of $500 per day. This has Californians choosing to allocate their water usage on activities that are necessary for maintaining a comfortable quality of life.

The effects of this 4-year long drought is quite obvious. All one has to do is drive through any suburban neighborhood in Southern California and they will see dying lawn after dying lawn. Apartment complexes and businesses plazas have put up signs asking their residents and patrons to excuse the appearance of their landscape while they make an effort to adhere to the water conservation policies.

So is there a light at the end of this dry and parched tunnel?

The answer is sort of. While we may not be able to perform rain dances to summon a downpour of clear, liquid gold, we can ease the suffering on our landscapes.

Replacing grass lawns and yards with drought-tolerant plants and trees not only helps efforts with conserving water but also makes that walk to your front doorstep a lot less depressing! Instead of using grass to cover your lawn, opt for rock or wood chips with succulents and other drought-friendly plants. 

You can still have the luscious green yard without breaking the bank with water fines.

The Jelly palm (first picture above) is another great alternative for your lawn as it requires little watering. Its blue-green, recurved leaves will give any lawn a more exotic and island-like feel. It can withstand high temperatures as well as temperatures down to 10-degrees Fahrenheit.  It also produces a sweet/tart fruit that is great for making jellies and wine from.

Stay hydrated with Jelly palm wine and jelly!

Interested in more plants and palms to decorate your drought-friendly lawn with? Check out our website!
Gregory Palm Farms
WE are MORE than JUST a Palm FARM!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The World's Tallest Palms Still Vulnerable to Extinction Despite Efforts to Protect Them

Growing along the deep valleys of the Andean mountains are some of the most remarkable palms on the planet, the Quindio wax palm (Ceroxylon quindiuense). These spectacular trees are the tallest species of wax palms, clocking in at anywhere from 150ft to 200ft tall! For over 200 years, people have travelled from all over the world just to see these towering skyscrapers of Mother Nature.

Not only is the wax palm home to many exotic creatures including the endangered yellow-eared parrot, it also provides an abundance of resources. Unfortunately, it is because of this exact resourcefulness, the wax palm is vulnerable to extinction. 

Dating back to the first written accounts of the Catholic ceremony, Palm Sunday, celebrants have been making religious ornaments from young wax palms. The harvesting of these leaves result in the palm's death which has caused a considerable threat to the wax palm numbers.

Other contributing factors to the decline in numbers were due to parts of the palm being used by locals to build housing and water supply systems. The palm's waxy trunk was also harvested to make candles before electricity became the primary energy source in households. 

Thankfully, in 1986 the Colombian government intervened and named the Quindio wax palm as the country's national tree. It is through this decree that the government passed legislation to assign funding for the creation of reserves, allowing the palms to grow in their natural habitat.

Sadly, despite these efforts to preserve their numbers, these palms are still vulnerable to extinction. Diseases caused by beetles and fungi have also resulted in a large number of wax palm deaths. A study conducted in 1991 showed that as many 80% of the palms in the Quindio Pass were affected.

Palm Special of The Day: Triangle Palm

Today's Palm Special of The Day is the luxurious Triangle palm (Neodypsis Decaryii)

This palm makes a great accent plant due to its unique arrangement of blue green leaves that fan out from the base in a triangular formation.

Triangle Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkTruck has brownish-red coloring and soft appearance
ExposureFull sun
SoilWell drained sandy soil
WaterRegular watering
Growth RateModerate - 10'-15' height

Regular price: $1000
Special price: $600*

*Special price good until August 18th 2015