Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer palm trees!

We are gearing up for summer with Memorial weekend around the corner!! Down south in the Pauma Valley yard in San Diego we are digging and boxing palms for more inventory. We have over 30,000 palm trees out there and they are ready for you!

We have small palms that wont disrupt planters like Pygmy Date palms, Sago palms, Elephant foot palms, Giant Bird of paradise, Mediterranean fan palms and Triangle palms.

Larger palms like the King palm, Queen palms, Butia capitata, Canary island date palms, Date palms, Queen palms, Phoenix Reclinata, Specimen Mediterranean fan palms, large Majesty Palms, Fishtail palms and more!!

Call us today!

Gregory Palm Farms

Monday, May 23, 2011

Palm removals and installs!

Just the other day Gregory Palm farms went out to remove a Canary Island date palm for a client of ours who was having trouble with the palm and needed to replace it with a slower growing one.

We set the Fogel's up with a Specimen Phoenix Ruplicola to replace the large Canary! This palm was suitable for the association and also the nieghbors view of the ocean. Ruplicola's are a slower growing palm of the Phoenix family and only get 20' high. These are a great option if you want the look of a Canary but, nothing too big!

Check out the removal and install process!


Rachell V.
Gregory Palms

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wholesale palms

Gregory palm farms is now offering our wholesale pricing to everyone! You can be a homeowner, landscaper, designer, architecht, grower or retailer, we will give anyone a great price!

Bulk orders are an even better way to save big!

Can't find what you are looking for? Give us a call...

Gregory Palm Farms
714-343-2277 or 714-814-8525

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy day palms! Gregory Palm Farms (714) 814-8525

Well the rain is finally here again in Southern California and what better thing to do than check out our website for a few minutes! All of our palms are California grown and hardy for anything in the western United States areas.

If its tropical you want check out our Kings, Queens, Triangle, Fishtail, Canary Island palms and more!

If its dessert tropics check out the Blue hesper palm, Butia Capitata, Windmill palm, Mediteranean fan palm, Date palm and Sago palm!

There are so many variety's to mix and match have some fun with it and call us to get your landscape started. We are open by appointment so please call ahead!


Gregory Palms

p.s. thank you Mark Weiss for sending us a photo of your landscaped backyard, palm trees provided by Gregory palms!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Palms!

The truck is heading down to our Pauma Valley (San Diego) farm today to bring us some new stock up here in Orange! What palm trees would you like??!

We don't mind making a trip down south to get additional palms for you, just give us a call and we will bring up trees at no cost for you to take a look at them at our local farm in Orange!

Call us today for your newest addition!

Rachell V.
Gregory Palm Farms

palm trees! palm trees! palm trees! PALM TREES! PALM TREES!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Palm Trees!!

This weather we are having is the ideal conditions for planting palm trees! You can still plant them year around and they will do just fine, but the heat really gets them going! Memorial weekend just around the corner so get those yards ready for a backyard bbq!!

You can find your palms here at Gregory Palms, and we can install and plant your trees along with a warantee! We can ship and install within a few days of ordering, and your yard is ready to go!!

Call us today for your next Palm tree!!

California grown palm trees, for your Southern California area!


Rachell Vasquez @ Gregory Palms 714-343-2277

Friday, May 6, 2011

Majesty Palms!!

Today we are excited about all of our palms and one especially, the Majesty Palm!! The Majesty palm has rich green feathered leaves, with a smooth and flared trunk that gives your landscape a magestic feel! They are a slow to moderate growing palm and love water, you can't over water these!!

These palms are very statuesck when they become a large specimen size. You can place these anywhere in your yard and they will always be the center of attention! With self cleaning leaves you don't even have to trim them.

We grow our Majesty's all in the ground to give them full calipur trunks and healthy and robust leaves.

Call us today to get more information and to come see our Majesty Palms!

Gregory Palm Farms  714-814-8525

You can go to our website to find out more on all of our palms @ gregorypalmfarms.com!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Special pricing on King Palms!!

King palms are a favorite of mine, amongst all the palms we have. They are self cleaning, have a nice tropical look, grow moderatley, and look great in any yard!

We have a lovely selction of large specimen Kings avaialable that will give you an instant mature look. We are running a special on our King palms so call us today for sizes and pricing!

20%-30% off King palms!

Call me, Rachell at Gregory Palm Farms! 714-343-2277

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Planting weather!

Now is the time to plant your palms and cycads, the heat is here and the time is now! Along with watering your palms, the heat boosts the root growth and makes for thriving palms!

If you want your new palm trees and plants planted but, you don't have the means..call Gregory Palms! Gregory palms can offer a competitive and affordable installation price for you as well as delivery.

We have been growing palms for over 40 years, and have the experience and quality to show for it! So come down to Gregory Palms today for your -

King Palms!

Triangle Palms!

Mediteranean Fan Palms!

Windmill Palms!

Butia Capititas!

Canary Island Date palms!

Date Palms!

Pygmy Palms!

Fishtail Palms!.... and so much more!!

Gregory Palm Farms

714-343-2277 or 714-814-8525

Monday, May 2, 2011


Do you need your yard landscaped? Then call Gregory Palm Farms! We have thousands of variety and sizes of palms available for your dream garden or landscape design! We can even plant and install hardscapes all at the same time!

We have two farms where you can make an appointment and see what all we have to offer. You can go inland to our main growing ground in Pauma Valley, California or come on up to our Orange location. We can educate you on what palms will do best for your area and give you the best quality and pricing around!

We just completed the final phase of one of our clients in the Los Angeles area last week. We installed new korean sod, marathon sod, hardscapes, succulents, small and large palms trees, mailbu lighting, irrigation and electrical lines..we can do it all! So call us for a free estimate to get started today!

Gregory palm farms 714-343-2277 or 714-814-8525