Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gregory Palm Farms Selected for Yorba Linda Yard Makeover

Gregory Palm Farms was selected to design and install a wide variety of palm trees as well as other tropical plants for a complete Yorba Linda residential yard makeover. The design included King Palms, Queen Palms, Majesty Palms, Sago Palms, Blue Hesper Palms, Triangle Palms as well as several Giant Bird of Paradise.

As a family owned palm grower for over 4 generations, Gregory Palm Farms has the expertise and knowledge to help you make wise decisions when it comes to palm trees and other tropical plants. Our large growing farms ensure that all our trees are well acclimated to the climate in the Southern California area.

Whether you are doing a new installation, a simple upgrade or a complete landscape make over, Gregory Palm Farms has the right trees, right people and the right equipment to make your landscape project a success.

If you are planning to install multiple palm trees, call us today for a FREE consultation. One of our family members will come to your home or project site and help with the complete overall design and recommend the best trees for your installation. Call (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277 to schedule an appointment today! You can also visit our website for a complete catalog of palm trees along with pictures and descriptions

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WANTED: CA$H Paid for Canary Island Palms

We buy Canary Island Date Palms in Southern California like the ones listed below. Please send a couple of pictures of the tree along with the address where the trees are located and once we have inspected them, we can make you an offer.

Please send photos and address to:

We have all the heavy equipment like cranes, tractors and flat-bed trucks to remove the trees and haul them away.

We are professionals and have been doing this type of work for 3 generations.

The price we can pay will be based on the size and quality of the tree.

Please send photos and address to:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Canary Island Palm Trees for Residential Tropical Yard in Yorba Linda

Gregory Palm Farms is continuing the installation of several large Canary Island Palms at a residence in Yorba Linda. This installation will take several weeks to complete due to the large complex design.

Canary Island Date Palms are a large majestic palm, with a very solid trunk, and long feather leaves with spined petioles. Quite a popular plant due to its hardiness, attractiveness and speed of growth. Very good for adding a Mediterranean feel.

Canary Island Date Palms have a single, wide heavy trunk with characteristic leaf diamonds on the trunk. dark brown. These trees are tolerant of most well drained soils and require moderate amounts of water for proper growth. They will survive in full sun, wind, heat, aridity and cold. Canary Island Date Palms have a slow to moderate growth rate and can reach over 60' in height with a 30 - 50' spread.

Below are some pictures of the various stages and operations that are required to move these large specimen Canary Island Palm trees that weigh several thousand pounds.

Call us today if you would like to install some Canary Island Date Palms or your favorite palm trees to enhance the beauty and value of your home! (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277 •

Friday, March 5, 2010

Palms, Palms, Palms -- We've Got Palm Trees!

We are fourth generation farmers who live to grow our own products and love what we do. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our palm trees are California grown and are therefore, more suitable to the environments we market. Our family owns and operates several farms in California, and have set up our central location in Orange, Orange County. In Orange, we are able to operate the business, and show a large variety of our field grown stock without having to travel the distance to our growing grounds.

We currently have 1000's of palm trees, with over 20 different varieties growing at our local Southern California palm tree farms in the rich California dirt From the start, all of our palm trees have been, and always will be 100% guaranteed. We stand behind our palm trees because we know how to raise the best product in the palm tree market.
Palms, palms, and more palms! Whether or not you have a large or small job, you are a homeowner or a landscape contractor, we have palm trees that will fit your needs. We have King Palms, Queen Palms, Canary Island Date Palms, Sago Palms, Reclinata's, Mexican Fan Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms and Giant Fishtail Palms. We also carry a large inventory of Pygmy Date Palms, Triangle Palms, Chinese Fan Palms, Windmill Palms, Kentia Palms, Majesty Palms and Giant Bird of Paradise.

Sizes on our palm trees range from 24", 30", 36" and 42" boxed palms as well as large, field grown specimen palms for those special landscape jobs.

So, no matter what your palm tree needs are, whether a front or backyard landscape job, a large commercial installation, a municipality upgrade or new project, Gregory Palm Farms has palm trees to fit your every need.

Call us today and let from Gregory Palm Farms provide you with palm trees that will enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277

Sago Palm is an Excellent Container Plant

The Cycas Revoluta, or commonly known as the Sago Palm, is a wonderful plant for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks great in the shrub border or as an accent on an expanse of lawn or near the patio. Use in entryways or in rock and sand gardens.

It mixes well with palms and combines well with border grass, podocarpus and camellias. The Sago Palm makes an excellent container plant for use outdoors and in the home.

The Sago Palm tall trunk on older specimens, grows 8-10in diameter. It is more fern-like when small and produces offsets at base.

It grows in full sun or partial shade and require a well prepared, non-alkaline soil with good drainage. Once established, the Sago Palm is fairly drought tolerant, but still requires regular watering. The Sago Palm is a slow growing palm with up to 10 ft fronds spread 3-6 ft.

We have many sizes of Sago Palms from single trunk to multi-trunks specimens.

Call us today if you would like to install some Sago Palm trees from Gregory Palm Farms to enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pygmy Date Palms for Containers - Enhance Your Patio or Pool Area

One of the finest of the dwarf palms, Pygmy Date Palm slowly reaches 6 to 12 feet in height and has an upright or curving, single trunk topped with a dense, full crown of gracefully arching, three-foot-long leaves. The insignificant flower clusters, hidden by the foliage, are present periodically throughout the year and produce small, jet-black dates which ripen to a deep red.

Pygmy Date Palm is quite popular as a specimen planting or in containers, especially attractive at poolside. It is usually used as a single specimen although it is also effective in groups of three or more.

Gregory Palm Farms is a locally, Orange County palm tree grower and has a variety of field-grown Pygmy Date Palms in all sizes. These Pygmy Date Palms excel in containers of all kinds. Also looks great by patios and entry ways. Use clumps of these palms as specimens and to serve as focal point in a mass planting of annuals. Also nice combined with evergreen shrubs in a mixed hedge.

Call us today if you would like to install some Pygmy Date Palm trees from Gregory Palm Farms to enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Large Specimen Canary Island Palm Trees for Residential Tropical Yard in Yorba Linda

Gregory Palms has been selected as the palm tree vendor of choice to install several large specimen Canary Island Palm trees,some large specimen Washingtonia's and a variety of other large palm trees including several Reclinata's.

These trees are being installed in a large residential home in Yorba Linda. Due to the large size and number of specimen trees, this job will take several weeks to complete. Photos below show the various trees being shipped to the job site as well as some of the large Canary Island palm trees being moved to the back yard of the residence. A large crane is being used to move the trees from the truck to the location and then placed according to the architect's plans.

Canary Island Palms on truck for shipment

Canary Island Palms being trimmed

Canary Island Palms being craned to backyard

Workers discussing placement of Canary Island Palms

Call us today if you would like to install your favorite palm trees to enhance the beauty and value of your home! (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277 •

Monday, March 1, 2010

Canary Island Palm Tree Installation - Solana Beach - Gregory Palm Farms (714) 814-8525

Here at Gregory Palm Farms, we recently installed a stately, 6 ft Canary Island Palm Tree in Solana Beach, California. Gregory Palm Farms grows a variety of types of palm trees in Southern California in our two different farms, one in Pauma Valley (North San Diego County) and another in the City of Orange. With over 4 generations of experience, we can supply palm trees both large and small for any size job.

We also installed a nice Reclinata Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) in Solana Beach. This beautiful and unusual palm grows in huge groupings that can make a striking statement in the landscape.
Great for large yards, parks, campuses, and other spacious areas, the Reclinata (Senegal) palm is particularly impressive when displayed against large structures as a backdrop where it's gracefully curving stems are best appreciated. Making a great potted specimen for the patio when young, this durable palm also thrives in large containers and other confined areas in urban landscapes.

Call us today to install some gorgeous palm trees to enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525  •