Friday, October 30, 2015

Palm Tree Alert

Attacking a Palm

        A few years ago there was a fungus called fusarium wilt attacking and killing Canary Island Date Palms. Trees in San Clemente, Dana Point, Irvine and Huntington Beach were known to carry the disease and as many 60 trees were infected in Capistrano Beach, a neighborhood in Dana Point alone. 

The infection is very visible as palm fronds wither and die. Usually one-half of the frond turns brown while the other one stays green. Eventually, the whole frond dies. A healthy tree loses fronds as a natural process of growth. Death of an infected tree can occur within months of disease onset. 

Spores spread during pruning when using unsterilized tools.  When they cut through a diseased frond allows spores to lodge in saw's teeth. When used on a healthy tree, spores enter through the pruning wound. The disease is not curable, but ti is preventable. Tree trimmers must dip their chain saws in a bleach solution. 

At Gregory Palm Farms we guarantee that all of our equipment is clean and sanitized!
We guarantee to give you the best service and maintenance with our maintenance program!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

End of the Year 20% off

End of the Year 20% off

Good Morning Family and Friends of Gregory Palm Farms.

It's a beautiful morning here at the farm, we are coming to an end of this week. We've been really busy these past few days and have kept up the good work.  
We have some great news for everyone! We are having our end of the year 20% off sale on our palm trees*. 

* 20% off does not include our Canary Island Date Palms unfortunately

If you're interested in adding a little green to your home or if you have any new projects coming along we are at your service. 

We can give you an Estimate via e-mail, we can also deliver and install your palms anywhere in California. 

We have a variety of palms to choose from call us or send us an e-mail regarding your request and we will get back to you regarding pricing on the same day!

Gregory Palm Farms
349 N Renee St 
Orange, CA 92869

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sago Palm- Cycas Revoluta

Sago Palms 

A little about Sago Palms...

Sago palms are a wonderful plant for both indoor and outdoor use. It looks great in the shrub border or as an accent on an expanse of lawn or near the patio. Use in entryways or in rock and sand gardens. Sago is an excellent container plant for use outdoors and in home.  

The scientific name for the Sago Palm is Cycas Revoluta and is known to be a cycad and not a palm. Of all cycads, the Sago Palm is the most popular, and is seen in almost all botanical gardens, in both temperate and tropical locations. 



Come down to our beautiful farm in Orange and see the specimens. 
349 N Renee St Orange, CA 92869

 Are you interested in a Sago Palm Tree for your home give us a call at 714-458-3720 to schedule an 
appointment. We look forward to seeing you here at Gregory Palm Farms.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Come down to the Farm

Come down to the Farm

At Gregory Palm Farms, our goal is to produce the very best palms suitable for the Southern California area. 
We are pleased to offer you; our largest inventory of Palms in Southern California, best pricing, best quality, installation and removals, full landscaping services and much more. 

We have a variety of palms to choose from. Come on down to Gregory Palm Farms and have a look at our beautiful palms.  

Date Palms are probably the second most well-known palm after the coconut , this palm produces dates. However, despite this palm being extremely adaptable to differing growing conditions, from hot, dry deserts, to wet tropics, and thru to cold-temperate regions, it will only produce dates in the hot, dry climates. It is also very salt-tolerant, making it good for coastal planting. Come down to the farm to check out some really great affordable prices for these beauties. 

Gregory Palm Farms 
349 N Renee St, Orange CA 92869
office: 714-458-3720 for more info give us a call 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Canary Palm Paradise

Canary Palm Paradise 
 Canary Island Palms are a large majestic palms, with a very solid trunk, and a long feather leaves 
with spines. 
It is known to be quite a popular plant due to its hardiness, attractiveness and 
speed of growth. 

Come visit us at Gregory Palm Farms and check out our beautiful Canary Palm Trees here on the lot. Starting from very affordable prices to high end and varying sizes, these canaries are versatile and ready to go.
See you here at the farm.
349 N Renee St Orange
or call us at 714-814-8525

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Did you Know?

Did you Know?

Did you know Queen Palms also known as Arecestrum Romanzoffianum are some of the most common palms seen in Southern California. 

Queen Palms, even from the seedling stage are very fast growers. 

Queen Palms are great in natural groupings and to frame views. 

We have lots to choose from, come and visit us at Gregory Palm Farms. 
349 N Renee St Orange, CA 92869

Are you new to Palms?

Are you new to palms?

Here, this palm is a King Palm or Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana!
These palms are hardy and self cleaning!
No need for a landscaper, you simply pick up the frond when they fall.

They are a great palm for around pools, in planters or anywhere you require a little more green!

Come see us at the Gregory Palm Farms - 349 North Renee Street, Orange, Ca. 92869
(714) 458-3720

Get great pricing today!
Your Palm Farm Team

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday!! Fall Is Here And Here Is The 411 On Our Palms This Fall!!

The palms are growing and the weather is perfect! If you are wanting to start your landscape or home makeover project we can help!

We plant year around, and can install for you and give you a free estimate. We warranty our palms and will give you our years of knowledge to help you keep your palms the best they have ever looked!

Why go through a landscaper or designer, when you can go direct!!!

Call us today for wholesale pricing, bought direct from the grower!

Palm trees and more palm trees!!!

Contact Us At 714-458-3720 Or E-mail Us @ To Inquire About Our Beautiful Palms! We Also Have Appointments Every Saturday Between 8:00AM And 12:00PM! We Look Forward To Meeting With You!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!
-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy Thursday! Go Greek When It Comes To Your Palm Trees!

The Mediteranean Fan Palm is a clumping palm tree, growing slowly to 20 feet high, trunks 4 to 5 inches in diameter , covered with fibrous dead leaf petioles; triangular, fan-shaped blue-grey to green leaves 36 to 48 inches long and wide with spiny petioles

It is a shrub-like clumping palm, with several stems growing from a single base. The stems grow slowly and often tightly together, eventually reaching 16-20 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 4-5 inches.

It is a fan palm, with the leaves with a long petiole terminating in a rounded fan of 10-20 leaflets; each leaf is up to 3-4 feet long, with the leaflets 1 - 2 feet long. It also has numerous sharp needle-like spines produced on the leaf stems; these protect the stem growing point from browsing animals. The flowers are born in dense, short clusters at the top of the stems; it is usually (but not invariably) dioecious with male and female flowers on separate plants. The fruit is a brown drupe 1/2 - 3/4 inches long.

Mediterranean Fan Palm Characteristics
Stem/Trunk: Attractive trunk with age, fuzzy material between stubs of cut fronds
Exposure: Full to partial sun
Soil: Amended uniform
Water: Regular, deep soaking 2 times per month during growing season
Growth Rate: 5-15 ft, spread (crown) 5-20 ft; very slow growth rate (requires 10-15 years to achieve 8ft)

If you are planning to install multiple palm trees, call us today for a FREE consultation.

One of our Gregory Palm Farms family members will come to your home or office or project site and help with the complete overall design and recommend the best trees for your installation.

Call (714) 814-8525 or (714) 458-3720 to schedule an appointment today!

You can also visit our website for a complete catalog of palm trees along with pictures and descriptions

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Wednesday Here's A Look At How Busy We've Been This Past Week!

Happy Heated Wednesday From Your Gregory Palm Farms Family!

We have been very busy under these past couple of days of crazy heat doing installs in Hawthorne, Yorba Linda, and today in Laguna Beach as well as West Covina. We have installed some beautiful Phoenix Palms, Kentia Palms, and King Palms. We can give you an Estimate via e-mail, we can also deliver and install your palms anywhere in California. We have a variety of palms to choose from call us or send us an e-mail regarding your request and we will get back to you regarding pricing on the same day!

Contact us at or call us at 714-458-3720. We look forward to speaking with you!

-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family!!!

(Above) Installed A Beautiful King Palm In The City Of Hawthorne!

(Above) We Installed Four Of These Gorgeous 16' Phoenix Diamond Cut Palms In Yorba Linda Yesterday It Truly Was A Site To See!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Tuesday!!! Palm Trees - Buy Direct from Orange County/San Diego County Grower!!!

We are fourth generation farmers who live to grow our own products and love what we do. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our palm trees are California grown and are therefore, more suitable to the environments we market. Our family owns and operates several farms in California, and have set up our central location in Orange, Orange County. In Orange, we are able to operate the business, and show a large variety of our field grown stock without having to travel the distance to our growing grounds.
We currently have 1000's of palm trees, with over 20 different varieties growing at our local Southern California palm tree farms in the rich California dirt From the start, all of our palm trees have been, and always will be 100% guaranteed. We stand behind our palm trees because we know how to raise the best product in the palm tree market.
Palms, palms, and more palms! Whether or not you have a large or small job, you are a homeowner or a landscape contractor, we have palm trees that will fit your needs. We have King Palms, Queen Palms, Canary Island Date Palms, Sago Palms, Reclinata's, Mexican Fan Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms and Giant Fishtail Palms. We also carry a large inventory of Pygmy Date Palms, Triangle Palms, Chinese Fan Palms, Windmill Palms, Kentia Palms, Majesty Palms and Giant Bird of Paradise.

Sizes on our palm trees range from 24", 30", 36" and 42" boxed palms as well as large, field grown specimen palms for those special landscape jobs.

So, no matter what your palm tree needs are, whether a front or backyard landscape job, a large commercial installation, a municipality upgrade or new project, Gregory Palm Farms has palm trees to fit your every need.

Have A Happy Tuesday From All Of Us Here At The Farm!!

Call us today and let from Gregory Palm Farms provide you with palm trees that will enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525 or (714) 458-3720

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Monday From All Of Us Here At The Farm!

Well Monday is here again, another start of a beautiful week overlooking our beautiful palm trees and view here at Gregory Palm Farms. We are very busy getting ready for another productive week here at the farm, we already have several installs scheduled for this week. It was a very hot weekend over here at the farm but rest assured our beautiful palms are getting the hydration they deserve!!!

This past Friday we planted a 20 foot Canary style palm in our backyard and it was truly a sight to see. Its total weight is about 20,000 lbs, we had Burl Gregory the owner overseeing the installation and Kevin Gregory making sure everything was going according to plan. These canaries are very hot right now and very in when it comes to the trends in the palm tree world. Take a look below, you will definitely see why. Call us today if you have any questions regarding our canaries at 714-458-3720 or send us an e-mail regarding an Estimate at, we look forward to hearing from you!

Have A Gorgeous Day And Please Stay Hydrated!
-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Thursday!!!

Good morning and happy Thursday from us here at the farm we are very excited about all the fall orders we are receiving! We just received an order for king palms to be delivered to beautiful Santa Monica. We cannot wait to deliver these guys to their new home.

We have a variety of Palms to choose from and they are home/farm grown right here in Orange,CA.

Call us to book an appointment we have openings on Saturday morning, we look forward to meeting with you!

(Above) Our beautiful Double King Palm is in the first picture,  our single palms are in the middle and last picture.

Have A Great Rest Of Your Thursday!

-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's Wednesday, It's A Busy Week For Us Here At The Farm!

Good Morning To All Of Our Gregory Palm Farms Friends And Family!

We have had a great week here so far with three deliveries to different parts of Southern California and we still have more to go, here is a little glimpse of what we've had going on over here at the Farm!

(Above) Our driver is gearing up for delivering our beautiful canaries this week!

(Above) We are delivering these gorgeous Queen Palms to Selman Chevrolete this week!

Come visit us on Saturday for we have open appointments that are in between 8:00am and 12:00pm to see our beautiful palms up close and personal, call us today!!! Have a great Wednesday from us here at the farm!

-Gregory Palm Farms

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gregory Palm Farms Trees And Installation

Gregory Palm Farms!

Gregory Palm Farms!

Palm Trees are our specialty and installation too!! We have maintenance plans and we guarantee our palms because we have installed them for the best results!!
 Palm trees for your front yard, back yard, pool area, office... whatever the location, we have the palms that will make your house a home instantly!!
This property had a great Elm tree but it was right next to the pool. Between all the leaves that fell in the fall and the roots cracking all the concrete, the owner reluctantly agreed that the tree had to go. 
So, the question is what do you replace it with? A Canary Island Date Palm, with it's massive truck and prawn span? A King palm, with it's self cleaning trunk and petite stature? A Mediterranean Palm with its multiple trunks and stiff prawns.  Or how about QUEENS, lots of QUEENS AND even a DOUBLE SPECIMEN QUEEN.  They don't pull up the concrete or destroy the plumbing, they sway in the breeze with elegance and grandeur without the maintenance. Queens it is!
      Here we are craning in the first Queen, then the second, then the third and then finally, the fourth. All in a row looking so stately. How about the pool? Well, the owner's decided on a beautiful double queen that has immediate shade, gorgeous full palm heads and fat trunks for
a perfect look now!!!
     Go to and check out our palms. Pick them out yourself. You won't be disappointed!

-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family

Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Monday, Already A Productive Week Here At The Farm

A little rain will not stop us from prepping our weeks deliveries.

We were up at 5 AM ready to get going on the week ahead, take a look. We hope all of you are having a great morning yourselves and have a fantastic Monday!

-Your Gregory Palm Farms Family