Monday, August 31, 2009

Kentia palms!

We have LARGE Specimen Kentia palms available for your home or landscape! Singles, Doubles, and Multi trunks all for you!
With that dark green trunk and feathery tropical leaves, its no wonder Kentia's are a favorite in the palm world. Come in today to check them out!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canary Island Date palms

Yes! We have Canary Island Date palms! We have Specimen size trees from 14'-25' trunk hieght. If you are looking for something instant, hardy, majestic, and just a gorgeous looking palm, take a look at the Canary Island Date Palm!!

Call us today for pricing and availability, we have many to choose from and would love to help you find your tree!

Have a great day!

Rachell :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Go Australia!!!!!!! I just got back from a trip to Australia this week with my new husband Travis, and we couldn't believe all the amazing palms! We are so lucky to have a climate that is similar to their's, we can grow most of the tropical palms that are thriving in Oz! While driving through the vast deep green forests and rivers I couldn't help but notice the King palms, Triangle palms, Raphis palms, queen palms, Travelers palms, Giant bird of paradise, Canary Island Date palms,Butia Capitata, Kentia palms and many many more!!!!
We visited the Crocodile Hunters Zoo, (The Australia Zoo) up in Brisbane where they had Crocodiles,Tigers,koala's, Kangaroo's, Dingo's,Elephants, and so many more animals! The landscape was amazing! They had walls that were made out of Triangle palms, beautiful picturesque waterfalls and ponds with lush bamboo and king palms galore. Islands of palms with Butia Capitata's, King palms, Kentia palms, Phoenix Robellinis and Queen palms. Everything was planted so well it was almost like the zoo grew on its own!!
Hats off to the wonderful Irwin family and staff of the Australia zoo, you rock!!