Friday, January 29, 2016

Sherman Oaks!

That's a wrap! 
We were in for a long day yesterday. 

Beginning in the morning, being stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours and ending the night with 

successful installation of 2 beautiful Canaries. 

We've done it again folks! 

We don't know what we do without our equipment

The unloading stage...

Our workers helping transport the Canary off the truck
 and into the hole

As we install the Canary we make sure to cover 
the hole with our sand soil

Last but not least...we made it 'till night time trying to install the second Canary as it became a bit of a challenge but we were able to overcome it

After spending a long day at Sherman Oaks our men arrived back to the
 farm this morning at 1:00 am.

No job is too hard for us to handle! 

We will get it done for you!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today's Destination: Sherman Oaks 

Early morning at the farm today!

Getting palms strapped and ready for the road.

We're heading to our customer Gary's new home up in Sherman Oaks.

Not only is our customer installing 2 Canaries but he's also 

has Mediterranean and Sago palms. 

We're looking forward to the finishing look!

This beautiful Canary loaded and ready to go to its new home

A second Canary headed to its new home in Sherman Oaks

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On a Mission

Today's going to be a mission for everyone on the farm. 

We have 3 different trucks headed all over the road!

Both our green and red trucks are headed to Escondido to pick up our Canaries for our projects 

Our Hino ready to go to its destination to Sherman Oaks where our guys will be prepping holes for our palms to be installed 

And off they go!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Over the Weekend

Palms for Century Fox Studios!!!

Over the weekend we installed 2 beautiful Queen palms for our friends at Century Fox! 

Not long ago we had just done an installation with our beautiful Washingtonia Robustas along the street of Pico Blvd. 

If you're ever in the LA area take a look at what we did for Century Fox! 

The unloading begins...

The digging stage...

Abraham (above) finishing the last few touches on the Queen palms
The ending stage...

In need of palm trees give us a call at 714-458-3720, or send us an email at We got the palms you need.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Top of the Week!

Road trip to Granda Hills...

Last week we added these 4 beautiful Canaries to a home in Granda Hills.
We had just installed over 30 palms in a nearby home. 

 2 beautiful Canaries installed on both side of the home 
Our customer was extremely happy of his newly installed palm trees.  
The cherry on top of this installation were the two Canaries that were installed in front of the yard.

Looking to purchase palm trees, give us a call at 714-458-3720, or send us an email at We're the right place for you! Not only do we sell palms but we grow them as well. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Another successful palm installation!

We welcomed these King and Pygmy palms officially into their new home yesterday evening.

These King and Pygmy palms were placed around the poolside, giving it a tropical look

Homeowner Paul, couldn't have been any happier the way his palms turned out 

Give us a call if you're interested in purchasing palms! We're the best place to purchase them at. Not only do we sell them but we grow right here in our farm location!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Foggy Thursday!

It's a foggy day here at the farm this morning!

We've had rain, and sunshine these past few mornings. 
This morning we experienced fog.

These beautiful robeleniis are headed to their new home just down the street from us

These triple King palms will be joining the Pygmy palms in their new home 

We're looking forward to how these palms will turn out for our homeowner Paul.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Busy Morning!

Up and ready to go this morning! 

Our destination for today is the city of Granda Hills!

We will be installing 4 beautiful 6 ft Canaries for our customer Avo.

This morning we arrived to the farm getting our palms and machinery prepped for the road.

It's going to be a busy day!

4 beautiful Canaries on their way to a new home 

These machineries come in handy a lot, making our job a little less tough

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to Care for your Sago!

Sago Palms...

Sago Palm Characteristics
Stem/TrunkTall trunk on old specimens, 8-10in diameter; more fern-like when small; produces offsets at base
ExposureFull sun or part shade
SoilPrepared, not tolerant of alkaline soils, good drainage
WaterRegular, although drought tolerant once established
Growth Rate10ft, frond spread 3-6ft; extremely slow growth

Interested in a Sago palm come down to our farm in Orange where we have a variety of sizes.
Can't make it to the farm give us a call at 714-458-3720 to schedule a delivery.

Sago palms are easy to care for but do require special needs, such as bright light, although they will tolerate low-light conditions. What they will not tolerate, however, is too much moisture. Sago palms prefer to be situated in well-drained soil, and like other cycad plants, they do not respond well to overwatering. In fact, too much water can quickly lead to root rot and eventual death.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Busy Weekend!

Its been a long weekend for us at Santa Clarita!

We installed over 30 palm trees for our homeowner Damien.

He had a beautiful home with a great view of the hillside and city. 

We were very happy we were able to install these palm trees for him. 
Installing these amazing Washingtonia Robustas on the hillside 
The view just gets better and better!

It was a real challenge getting this palm tree up on the side hill!

How many men does it take to get a Robusta up on a hill?

One guy..two guys..three guys..nope,four guys needed to get this palm up!

This really shows how heavy these palms can be! 

These Robustas gave a beautiful view from up top

We finished by the end of the night
The sky was so beautiful

~All done by yours truly Gregory Palm Farms~ 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy Friday!

Ready... Set... Go!

Off to a busy morning already! 

Its always a beautiful view here at the farm!

Getting everything prepped and ready to go. 

Making sure our trucks are ready and set to go for the long road trip!

Today's destination we'll be heading to Santa Clarita to install 30+ palm trees for our homeowner, Damien Perez. 

Another truck that will be transporting our trees to Santa Clarita!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today's Spotlight!

Triangle Palms...

are easy to grow with a striking appearance!

Triangle palms excel for uses in landscaping!

Its unique arrangement of blue green leaves gives a bold and formal appearance.

Our beautiful field of Triangle palms at our farm in Pauma Valley!

the triangle palm gets its name from the bulging leaf/frond bases that grow to form a distinct 3-sided triangle shape

Come down to our farm in Orange and check out our beautiful inventory of Triangle palms! You'll be amazed of how gorgeous of a view they are! 

We can be reached through our office phone at 714-458-3720 for any questions. You can even send us an email for a quote as well at

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Up and Early!!!

Its a beautiful morning here at the farm! 

We've been off to a busy week and have made some great progress with our jobs. 
We're here to get things done for our palm tree customers!

We were up and early today!
The beautiful views we get when we arrive early!

Our amazing new truck!

These machineries help get our jobs and workers at the same time! 
These machines are a life saver sometimes!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Spotlight of the day: Kentia Palms!

These beautiful palms are  one of the most elegant of the palms. 

Perfect for Southern California.
A little about the palm: A very graceful, solitary, medium sized palm, with a dark green ringed trunk, to about 10m tall. 

It has beautifully drooping, dark green leaflets, and a brown hessian like thatch around the leaf bases. 


 They come in all sizes from single to multi trunks.
Come down to the farm and check out our beautiful inventory of Kentias.

 Add a tropical look to your your home or business with one of our palms.

Give us a call at 714-458-3720 for any questions or send us an email at for any quotes. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

Beautiful morning at the farm!

We're off to a busy morning this week. 

After a week full of rain we've managed to get through the days of hard working.

 Our destination today is Santa Clarita where we will be planting over 20 beautiful palm trees.

We're looking forward the outcome of this project!

We'll be planting a mix of our beautiful Robustas and Queen palms.

Aside from our projects we invite everyone to come down to the farm and check out our beautiful inventory of palm trees. 

Who knows you might just leave the farm with one with a beautiful palm tree. 

Our palm trees are home grown and well taken care of.
Interested in adding an addition of one or more palm trees to your home let us 

You can contact us at 714-458-3720.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Suns Out!


 After 2 consecutive days of pouring rain we finally have some sun here at the farm!

We're off to a bust start this morning! Getting all of

 our equipment clean and ready to go.
All this rain had the farm turn into a huge mudslide!

Lots of rain was needed in California and

 we're glad our palms were able to feast 

from all the rain and get plenty of water 

they need.

In need of any type of palm trees come

 down to our farm in Orange and take a 

look at our beautiful inventory! Can't

 make it down due to the slippery roads

 then give us a call at 714-458-3720 for

 any retail quotes. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rain Aftermath

Its a MUDDY day here at the farm today!

We're off to a busy morning! 
Today's destination is Laguna Niguel where we'll be prepping for installation of beautiful palm trees into the beautiful home. 

Rain or shine but we continue to work to get things done for our customers!
In need of one or more than one palm tree then check out our site!
We're located in Orange, stop by and check out our beautiful inventory of some of our palms. 

You'll be amazed of how one or a few could give you're home a beautiful view. 
Can't make it to our farm then just send us an email at or give us a call at 714-458-3720 for any questions.
We look forward to serving you!

Muddy roads throughout the farm

Our trucks and trailers loaded and ready to go

It just gets muddier and muddier

Puddle big enough to go for a swim ha ha ha