Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Small scale palms have a big punch! from Gregory Palm Farms (714) 814-8525 GOING TO TARZANA! San Diego (760)975-4605

Installation of an 8' Canary palm..

Crane and setting process...

8' Canary palm in place and ready to be opened!!

Here at Gregory Palms we have all sizes of palm trees, whether you want something instant or small we have it! Take this palm for example, its over 14' high, has a beautiful trunk and head of leaves, and it saves you on your budget!

Specimen palms can gauge your wallet but, we have a wide variety of palms that will fit your budget needs.

We are selling our 4'-10' bth Canary Island date palms for under $500 ptf! Come check them out and see them in person.

Gregory Palm Farms!

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