Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Planting season!

Hello everyone!

Now that its March and the sun is finally here we can get back to planting!! March is a prime month for us to plant and stock our fields with the best palms California can provide. Our Pauma Valley growing grounds is our primary farm where we grow the largest variety of our palms. We are starting there this week with open fields of rich soil and water leading down from Mt. Palomar.

We are going to be planting our seedling Windmill palms,Butia palms and Sago cycads from our greenhouse. Every palm tree that we plant comes from one of our many mature "Seeder" palms. These Seeder palms are mature trees that are grown specially for there seeds. We always keep them growing in the ground, with plenty of water, vitamins, and minerals so that they can be as healthy,happy, and hardy as they can to produce the best seeds possible.

Once we get the seeds we germinate them in our greenhouses to get them strong enough for planting the following year or two. Usually we like to plant the seedlings when they are either in 1 gal or 5 gal tub sizes so that they have optimum growing potential.

When the seedlings are ready we plant them usually about 10 feet apart from each other to make sure there is plenty of space and sunlight for each palm.

Now that the trees are being planted and taken care of in the fields, we watch and let our palm trees grow until its time to box and send them to their future homes.

Hope everyone has a great sunny week!!

Rachell Gregory :)