Monday, June 29, 2015

Butia Capitata -- Jelly Palm by Gregory Palm Farms

Butia Capitata aka Jelly Palm

This palm is native to ArgentinaBrazil and Uruguay

The Jelly Palm produces ripe fruit that are  yellowish/orange in color. The taste is a mixture of pineappleapricot, and vanillaIt is tart and sweet at the same time.

It has feather palm pinnate leaves that arch inwards towards a thick stout trunk. It is known as one of the hardiest feather palms.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In and Out Installation by Gregory Palm Farms

Here we are loading 25' Washingtonia's for the In n Out Store!

These are some really TALL trees! They don't look like much resting on the long trailer....

 Here, we are installing them with our giant telehandler... getting them just in the right spot!!

Here, they are in their signature design of the "X"... now you can see them before the building is even completed! Now, that is a smart crew!!
In and Out Burgers - "X" marks the spot!!

What's your dream?
What's your palm tree design?
What's wrong with right now?

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Gregory Palm Farms

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Malibu Canyon Landscape by Gregory Palm Farms

We recently did a landscape job in Malibu Canyon for custom home.

The customer wanted a "tropical look" so we installed 2 semi-truck loads of Palm Trees.

We also added Hawaiian flowers and shrubs to accent the palm trees.

The customer loves the service he received from Gregory Palms.

Let us do your next landscape job.  No job too big or too small for Gregory Palms.  Send us an email for a quote with your job requirements.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

California Drought Tolerant Landscape Designs

With the California drought in full swing and new water rationing restrictions taking effect all over the State, let Gregory Palm Farms help re-landscape your home or commercial property to meet these new guidelines and restrictions.

We can help plan your landscape to take advantage of State and Local rebates for low water, low maintenance designs. Not only will you $AVE Water, you can re-coupe some or all of your costs from rebates and less water usage.

We are a full service palm farm and landscape service! We grow palm trees and succulents, transport and install! Buy direct and save! Call us today for your palm tree and succulent needs! Gregory Palm Farms will help enhance the beauty and value of your home. For a FAST quote, email us with your requirements
Buy Wholesale - Direct from Grower 
 We, at Gregory Palm Farms are fourth generation farmers who  grow our own trees. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our palm trees are California grown. Our trees are more suitable to the environments we market. Our family owns and operates several farms in California, and has our main central location in Orange, Orange County. In Orange, we are able to show a large variety of our field grown stock without having to travel the distance to our growing grounds.

 Our Pauma Valley farm is our largest growing location of palms. These palms are grown in various weather conditions such as hardy winds, temperatures down to 20 degrees and as high as 115 degrees. With these varying temperatures, we are able to supply cold, hardy palm trees to the Northwestern and Southeast states.

Please call or email today for our latest palm inventory and specials!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mexican Fan Palm- Washingtonia Robusta

Mexican Fan Palm- Washingtonia Robusta
Mexican Fan Palms soar to over 100 ft this skyscraper of the palm world is a striking sight when planted at equal intervals along a boulevard or when snuggled up in groups against high rise buildings.
Use the Mexican Fan Palm for formal groupings, street plantings, and groves in large open areas - these are the palms planted along Venice Beach and other California beaches. Young plants can be grown in containers and give a tropical look to patios and decks.
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Mexican Fan PalmMexican Fan PalmMexican Fan Palm

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