Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Blue Hesper ...The Mexican Blue! IT'S REALLY BLUE! by the Gregory Palm Farms! (714) 814-8525 760) 975-4605

Good Afternoon Palm Seekers,

The palm pictured above us such a blue beauty! Gregory Palm Farms presents the Blue Hesper, known  also by its scientific name Brahea Armata.The Blue Hesper Palm is a famous hardy blue palm from Mexico. It has stiff, fan shaped leaves of a stunning pale blue colour. Does great in a conservatory, or sunny spot in the garden. It needs well drained soil, plenty of water in summer, rather drier in winter, when it can withstand -10ÂșC or so when larger. It is much happier, and faster growing when planted in the ground and can grow up to around 40 feet.

Interested!? You should be!
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