Monday, January 24, 2011

Wholesale Palms to Nurseries & Growers

Gregory Palm Farms, a well established Southern California palm tree grower is pleased to announce that we now selling palm trees on a wholesale to nurseries and other growers.

Buy Wholesale - Direct from Grower

Gregory Palm Farms are fourth generation farmers who live to grow our own products and love what we do. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our palm trees are California grown and are therefore; more suitable to the environments we market.

Our family owns and operates several farms in California, and has set up our central location in Orange, Orange County. In Orange, we are able to operate the business, and show a large variety of our field grown stock without having to travel the distance to our growing grounds.

Our Pauma Valley farm is our largest growing location of palms, and these palms can weather conditions down to 20 degrees and handle snow from Mt. Palomar a few weeks out of the year. With these varying temperatures, we can supply cold, hardy palm trees to the Northwestern and Southeast states. Please call today for our latest palm inventory and specials!!

We have a large selection of boxed palms as well as nice, field grown specimens and larger trees from 10 ft. up.

We can even do "blind deliveries and installations" for your customers. No need to miss a sale due to the lack of inventory, call us TODAY for a quote. (714) 814-8525

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rare Phoenix rupicola - Cliff Date Palms - Now Available

Gregory Palm Farms has some rare Phoenix rupicola palms also known as Cliff Date Palms.

The Cliff Date Palm is a species of flowering plant in the Palm family, native to the mountainous forests of India and Bhutan, usually occurring on cliffs, hillsides and similar terrain. It has long, arching, bright green leaves which are self-cleaning. The fronds are on an upright axis that hand as the tree matures. Will tolerate full sun when mature.

Typical trees usually only reach a height of about 30 feet, but some hybrids have been noted at over 70 feet.

Cliff Date Palm Characteristics
Stem/Trunk Single, smooth, thin trunk, which gives it a much neater appearance than other species of Phoenix.
Exposure Sun to partial shade
Soil Tolerant of most well drained soils.
Water Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Growth Rate Moderate growth rate, 30' in height, 10' spread.

If you would like to come and look at our selection of Phoenix rupicola palms, or any of our other varieties, please call for an appointment (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277.

If you are planning to install multiple palm trees, call us today for a FREE consultation.
One of our Gregory Palm Farms family members will come to your home or project site and help with the complete overall design and recommend the best trees for your installation.

Call (714) 814-8525  to schedule an appointment today!

You can also visit our website for a complete catalog of palm trees along with pictures and descriptions

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Growing Pygmy Date Palms in Southern California

One of the finest of the dwarf palms, Pygmy Date Palm slowly reaches 6 to 12 feet in height and has an upright or curving, single trunk topped with a dense, full crown of gracefully arching, three-foot-long leaves. The insignificant flower clusters, hidden by the foliage, are present periodically throughout the year and produce small, jet-black dates which ripen to a deep red.

Pygmy Date Palm is quite popular as a specimen planting or in containers, especially attractive at poolside. It is usually used as a single specimen although it is also effective in groups of three or more.

Gregory Palm Farms is a locally, Orange County palm tree grower and has a variety of field-grown Pygmy Date Palms in all sizes. These Pygmy Date Palms excel in containers of all kinds. Also looks great by patios and entry ways. Use clumps of these palms as specimens and to serve as focal point in a mass planting of annuals. Also nice combined with evergreen shrubs in a mixed hedge.

Call us today if you would like to install some Pygmy Date Palm trees from Gregory Palm Farms to enhance the beauty and value of your home. (714) 814-8525 or (714) 343-2277